Video Edit Analysis Features

1. Video Cut Features

2. Video Edit Features

3. Video Analysis Features

Video Analysis screen

You can move movie's slider in small steps back and forward and analyze particular moment on the movie. Also you can use middle mouse wheel for that when you click on that slider. Use keyboard button space bar for play/pause a movie.You can draw on movie during a pause. Then you can save a snapshot for later analysis or further post processing - scouting report or similar or you can save that drawing in movie or insert image in movie. Watch tutorial on

Video Edit screen

Video Edit has movie player on the left and few tabs on the right and film strip below. Click on item to get preview, double click to edit its properties. Use Media file tab to add/remove video or audio file. Drop video and picture file to movie strip in bigger box. Drop audio file to audio strip. You can drop video to audio strip to use audio channel only. Use transition tab or effect tab to select some of them from list. Click on item will shows preview of it. Drop it to movie strip in smaller box. Use Title tab to create multi line title picture which can be dropped to movie strip. Press play button to get preview. Press button Save to save your work in output file.  Watch tutorial on

Video Cut screen

Video Cut has movie screen which can be larger or smaller. Select input file and output file and its type. Make a cut with one mouse click or keyboard C button press. Use keyboard space bar for play/pause. Convert input file to output file with one mouse click. If you have SportDraw playbook then you can make a sketch of play/drill, just put SportDraw screen close to movie. Watch tutorial on

Video Cut Tutorials

Watch tutorial on youtube