Basketball Game Scouting with built-in unchanged predefined Tags buttons. BasketScouting was first developed and later Sport Scouting was born based on BasketScouting

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BasketScouting used for scouting of basketball game

BasketScouting features and benefits

Scouting of games events

  1. Watch game/match in video player
  2. Use tag buttons to record scouting events
  3. Get Scouting Report

Tags of games events




Product comparison



Example of Reports

All reports are design to present scouting data in clear view on the one page

Player report

Two court pictures to show events and related plays. Players scouting data sorted in table related to events. How, where and what players do.

Players Report

Team report

All scouting data of basketball team are ready in sorted tables

Team Report

Play report

First row has max 4 pictures to describe how play is done. Second row has two court pictures, one to show players and their positions and second to show event. And finally there are table with summary of points types. All those describe play in clear easy to focus view

Play Report

All Plays report

Overview of all plays

All Plays Report

BasketScouting Video Tutorial Online

User interface

User interface is made and tested by scouters for easy handling and flow

BasketScouting Reports

Report of team, player, lineups, play, all plays, fast break etc