SportScouting for Basketball

How team/player score pts, from which play, shot action and pts types left side/right side of drive, dribble, pivot, up & under, lay up, jump shot, tap in, cut, free throw Pick & Roll. Defense type. All that from multi games.

SportScouting Features

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Scouting Task

How we made time consuming complex scouting task to be easy?

Scouting screen has 3 sections: Video player of input video files on the left, Cmd screen on the right and Summary Scouting on the bottom where is a table with videos for each button names.

1. Watch any type of video in video player with all fresh and modern features. Dont need to import and wait 30min or more.

2. Cmd screen has buttons with your names of players, plays, pts, defense type etc. Click on buttons on same time or not to get video.

3. Get all videos in sorted table for each button names or events. You can sort, delete,preview those videos.


1. Video player: to preview and/or trim video. All Events are in list and player display and play videos of events. Video Player has slow motion, automatic scout data (example: name#2:Pts,Pts M, Left wing...), full screen. So you/your team can watch videos on scouting meeting without burning standalone movie.

2. Movie Maker: to make standalone movie from your cmd event videos and simple check checkmark for title, scout text, your scout note, audio background music, effect, overlay picture logo semitransparent or not.. You save a lot of times with simple check.

3. Movie 2D scouting report: to get any 2D table report where click on each field gives related video what is great to overview by you and your team or put on web site server.

Additionally, use Video Capture screen to get input video from web camera or other video source.

YES, it is great..... thanks to all