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SportDraw is the best tool to draw and share animated plays and drill for handball. Publish mp4, mpeg or avi video of plays and drills.

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SportDraw Handball playbook software
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SportDraw® Handball features and benefits

Handball court

Handball court half or full

Draw diagrams and animations

Easy and fast draw play and drill action from frame to frame

Advance next action

Automatically advance action to the next frame


Playbook organized in categories

Free Plays and drills

Playbook has 110+ drills and plays for handball


Video(MP4, MPEG, AVI) with preset for any platform ios/android, Web page print report PDF


Share plays and drill file, report pdf and video to cloud, social network, email

30 Language

All European, Russian, Turkish, Chinese

Player icon

Player icon is colored circle or human body


Copy frame picture. Linear and curved movement and lines. Add/delete/edit object


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SportDraw Handball court half

Half of Team Handball court can be in black and white or in colors

SportDraw Handball court half

SportDraw Handball court

Handball court dimension is 40m x 20m(130 ft x 66 ft), with a goal in the centre of each end. The goals are surrounded by a near-semicircular area, called the zone or the crease, defined by a line 6m from the goal. Penalty shot is 7-metre from the goal. A dashed near-semicircular line 9m from the goal marks the free-throw line. Goal is 3m in width and 2m in height.

SportDraw Handball court

SportDraw Handball playbook has built-in 110+ drills






Handling Ball

Jump Shot


Pass and Catch


PV practice



Warm up