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Practice plans is Practice database with shortcut of practice area, Prebuild Drill Plays preview, Groups of players, video, notes, add drill picture. Automatic get pie of each aspect of practice. Diagramming has pages with court. Video or any files. Week Practice Plan with pie for each day. Master Plan xls. Pie get answers on questions: How many offense, defense, shoot. Exchange data, send practice to master coach. Analysis day practices to weekly plan. More about Practice plans

Strength Practice workouts, cardio exercsises: Prebuid agility, cardio, pliometrics, workout exercises with detail description. My category exercises shortcuts. The most important: it is hard to know 1rm for each exercise for each player, so SportPlanner helps to auto fill weigth based on 1rm log screen. Use Strength Program screen to auto create strength practices in days/weeks. Read more about SportPlanner Strength Practice Workout Plan Cardio Agility Pliometric. Workout Routines, Weight Training Workout, Workout Log, Circuit Training and Interval Training,Strength training, Resistance training

Strength Workout Program (or Workout Routines, Weight Training Workout, Workout Log) is used to create workout per day in week without thinking of player. Take some program from web and make it easy.Select Cycle (number of days in week) and week No. Also you can copy one day to another. When you finish then press Apply button and SportPlanner creates Strength Training in each day and fill weight for each player based on 1RM Log which need to be older of Tranings(take last values of players testing), also cardio agility pliometric exercises. Preview of Prebuild exercises. Tools: Target Heart Rate Timer Calc, 1RM calculator,Time Distance Pace Calculator. Exchange data, send practice to master coach.  Read more about SportPlanner Strength Workout Routines, Weight Training Workout, Workout Log, Workout Program,Circuit Training and Interval Training Workout Plan Cardio Agility Pliometric exercises 

Nutrition & Meals Log: search or use categories for Prebuid 6000+ food items database with detail Nutrition Facts, graph of every nutrition element!, detail Info! about Nutrient - Daily Values, Imperial/Metric Units, Vitamins, Minerals, their source and deficiency. Tools: Nutrient Calorie composition, BMR, RMR Calculator, Body Fat Graph Calculator. Type few letters to search food, Easy to make a meal and to create Food Log. Later compare it to Activity Log to track player. Read more about SportPlanner Nutrition and Meals Log

Activity Log:  search or use categories for Prebuid activities data base based on MET theory with auto show Calories Burn for selected player, Activity Fact: calories burn during activity, per min, per h, MET value. Chart of activity compared to example of food or other activties. Tools: distance-time-pace-speed calculator, Target Heart Rate, Heart Rate Count down timer calulator. Read more about SportPlanner Activity Log

Test Log: Test Log to keep any test: VO2max, run 200m... 1RM Log is used to autofill weight of workout for selected player in strength practice if date of 1RM log is older then date of practice. Weight Log is used to track weight progress of players, BodyStats Log is used to track progress of players. Read more about SportPlanner Test Log

Teams database:  create teams and players data. Select YOUR team which is used by software.

Games:  search or use categories for Prebuid activities data base

Scouting Reports and SetPlays database:  focus on scouting not on format of data.  Scouting Report has engine to create reports. SetPlays has 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, 2x3 page with any court and notes. Use copy paste right click, Use SportDraw playbook software for fast draw of drills, plays.

Archive database:  Drills database, Plays database, agility, cardio, pliometrics, workout exercises database with detail description and video. See drills archive,plays archive, workout,cardio

SportPlanner Calendar:  Month/Week/Day view. Live events. Events are Games, Practice, Strength, Nutrition, Activity, Test or general event. right click to open/delete/add new event. if template exist then you can create event(for example: practice or meal...) from template with few click.

Map and Drive direction: All events or what ever is created in SportPlanner has Location field and there are Map and Drive direction button to get it from Google Map or other major service. So if you need to travel then you get drive direction or map of place to print.

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