SportPlanner Test Log,1RM(Rep Max) Log,Weight Log,Body Stats Log

SportPlanner Test database has Test Log, 1RM Log, Weight Log, Body Stats Log. All Log is used by Player Screen to track his progress. Test Log is used to measure and track any parameter. Each parameter has text description,picture,video or other files list.Parametars organized in categories.

Test Log,1RM Log,Weight Log,BodyStats Log

1RM Log(Rep Max) is used for Stregth workout Plan - Strength Practice and Strength Program Workout. How? 1RM Log has date. When you make Strength Practice Plan and its date is newer then date of 1RM Log then SportPlanner used it and helps you when you fill Load and autofill weight for selected player and selected exercise based on 1RM Log. Similar is for Strength Program when you fill Load. THIS IS GREAT HELP and our UNIQUE solution to reduce paper work!

The built-in 1RM Rep Max calculator show the correct amount of weight that you should be lifting for any rep range, from 1 to 20 reps. Detail info about 1RM related Parameters of Strength training - Reps, Sets, Volume, Intensity, Frequency, Load.The Average Weight A Man Can Lift info.

Weight Log is used to track weight progress of player and Diet Plan progress in Player Screen where you can choose one of diet plan -500cal/day or 10%...and get weight progress chart graph.

BMI Graph, BMI Chart, SportOffice SportPlanner

BMI Table is a part of build-in BMI Calculator

Body Stats Log shows how body measurements have changed along with pictures to prove it. The most satisfying and motivational set of graphs is Body Stats Progress.All girth measurements for  neck, upper arm, lower arm, chest, waist, hip, thigh  and calf.

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