SportPlanner Teams database

SportPlanner Teams database is used to make your team and oponent teams. Players has stats in last few seasons, player scouting video file list. The most import is to select your team because it is used in SportPlanner everywhere(stats from games, roster, player tracking...). This need to be 1st thing what to do when you create new file.

Teams, Player, Players Stats, My Team

Press MyTeam button with team icon which is under teams list, to select your team. Also, for your team there is roster button with detail info about player and coaches like contact data and etc. If you decide to delete a team or player, sportplanner will ask you to confirmed that or if you decide to overwrite your team with some other.

New File Tasks when you create new file from File/New menu

1. Make teams and their players

2. Select your team from list

3. DONE. Then you can start play around in SportPlanner and its Screens.