SportPlanner Strength Workout Routines, Weight Training Workout, Workout Log, Workout Program,Circuit Training and Interval Training Workout Plan Cardio Agility Pliometric exercises.

Strength Workout Program (or Workout Routines, Weight Training Workout, Workout Log) is used to create workout per day in week without thinking of player. Take some program from web and make it easy.Select Cycle (number of days in week) and week No. Also you can copy one day to another. When you finish then press Apply button and SportPlanner creates Strength Training in each day and fill weight for each player based on 1RM Log which need to be older of Tranings(take last values of players testing), also cardio agility pliometric exercises. Preview of Prebuild exercises. Tools: Target Heart Rate Timer Calc, 1RM calculator,Time Distance Pace Calculator. Exchange data, send practice to master coach. 

 Strength Workout Program

Left pane has weeks and days. Central pane has exercises categories. Select it to get its exercises in central area of screen. Click on exercise to get its picture which you can include in practice or click on it to get its detail data. Anyway click on 1. exercise, then 2. fill Set, Rpt, Rest and fill 1RM for workout or Time for Cardio or both (if dont use some of them then fill 0 in its field) and then 3. Add button to add exercise to strength practice. When is finish, click apply button.


SportOffice SportPlanner solved many coach's strength practice problem:1.Presentation of Cardio and Workout on the same page, 2. Input of workout load for each player for each exercise which we based on 1RM Log from Test Screen(which date is older then practice date) so software recognize player and exercise and when you fill 1RM field then it autofill weight. 3. some exercise is not important to record to player but need to perform. For that case use Team icon not a player. 4. Circuit Training and Interval training is support by entering each station for each player like 1st row is 1st workout then 2nd row is for 2nd workout and so on.

Strength Workout Program (or Workout Routines, Weight Training Workout, Workout Log) is used by conditioning coaches and tis is the normal natural way how they organize their gym practice.

Practice Plan navigation button is used to move drill up/down, delete it or add picture,note.

Practice Plan Printing and Screens: select one of document template from full color and modern design to the simply text template, only. click on print icon(or menu file/print or print preview) to Print part of practice from every tab or print completed practice if click print icon from info tab of practice. You get web page and from web browser select print background image in menu file/print page setup or similar. If you have freeware PDF printer then get PDF from web page.

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Strength Workout Calculators Tools and Details Info: click on Calculator icon

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