SportPlanner Players Profile folder

SportPlanner Players database is used to track ALL player's progress. Player abilities organized in categories and list of video and files based on date, Shooting analysis of practices and games, Games Stats, Strength Practice progress, 1RM Log progress, Nutrition - Meal Log track, Activity Log track, Weight Target Log tracking, Body Stats Log tracking, Tests Log tracking.

Player Profile

Player abilities record organized in categories and list of video and files based on date. So it is easy to show overall progress of player per years/month.

Player Abilities record with video

Shooting Report Analysis gives shooting charts for both practices and games. So you can see LIVE game shooting result compared to shooting practice and get answer what player need to improve.

Strength Practice Report Analisys shows progress for any workout or cardio exercise. Log is included for printing. Workout Report Types: Max weight, Average weight, Volume - total Weight, Total Rpt, Total Weight, 1RM (Rep Max) estimated on Max weight, Weight by set,Day Load. Cardio Report Types: Time, Distance, Average Speed.

Workout Report Types

1RM Log Report shows 1RM progress chart for any workout.

Nutrition-Meal Log Report shows calories,fat,carbohydrate,proteins per time/date.

Activity Log Report: Calories Burned during activities, Total Calories Burned(activities+BMR or TDC), Calories balance: Intake and Burned, Calories difference of Intake and Burned, Weight based on Calories difference.

Weight Target Log shows weight progress chart for selected Weight goal which can be Weight Loss or weight Gain and Weight Goal strategy which can be 500cal/day, 15% or 20% or 25% or 30% of total daily calories needs and BMR is display.

Body Stats Log Report shows progress of all major body parts.

Test Log Report show progress chart of any test paramater.