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Nutrition database with more then 6000+ food, easy search and add receipes/food, Details info about Nutrients Calories, Vitamins, Minerals, The %Daily Values (%DV), Unit Conversation. Explain each Vitamins and Minerals and its source. Create a player's meal with few clicks. Analysis calories intake. Exchange data, send a Meal LogIt is Fun&Fit to make Meal Log.

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Central pane has search by typing few letters or by food category. Food database organized by categories. Then select food from list and get its Nutrition Facts, %Daily Values. Select Amount and + button to add it to Meal Log for selected player. Also calories is displeyed for selected amount.

Meal Log shows  Nutrition Facts, %Daily Values, Calories, Fat, carb,Proteins and pie. Click on -> button to add meal for selected player. Later if you want to edit his meal then just double click on his row and meal will reload. Compare Calories to activities to track weight in player's screen.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts shows all nutrition data for selected food.

Nutrition Facts %DV, DailyValues

%Daily Values (%DV) Graph shows all nutrition data.

SportOffice SportPlanner Nutrition dabase on english is huge and you can easy edit or add/delete new food or recipe. Food is organized in 50 categories. But search is most powerful. Our unique user inteface makes you to fill Fun&Fit during working with SportPlanner Nutrition database.

Nutrition Log navigation button is used to move record up/down, delete it or add picture,note.

Nutrition Calculators Tools and Details Info: click on Calculator icon

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