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Activities database based on MET theory, easy search and add/edit activity, details activity info. Create a Activity Log. Analysis and compare to Nutrition Log - Food Log. Create a player's Activity Log with few clicks. Analysis calories Burned during activity or Total daily Calories Burned. Exchange data, send a Meal Log. It is Fun&Fit to make Activity Log. WHY Activity Log? Player eat and you track calories intake in Nutrition Log, then he play a game, workouts... all those activities need to somehow transfer to calories Burn deficit and for this is used MET theory where each activity has MET value and for selected player and his BMR is calculate calories Burn and totals.

 Activity log

Central pane has search by typing few letters or by activity category. Activity database organized by categories. Then select activity from list and get Activity Facts and Activity Chart based on MET values. Select Duration and + button to add it to Activity Log for selected player. Also select activity level of player according to Harris-Benedict equation.

When you finish then Click on -> button to add log for selected player. Later if you want to edit his log then just double click on his row and log will reload. Compare Calories to activities to track weight in player's screen.



Activity chart

Activity Chart or Activity Facts Chart is Activity Chart based on MET values  and shows calories for selected activity compared to example of other major activities or example of food.

SportOffice SportPlanner Activity dabase on english is based on MET values and you can easy edit or add/delete new activity. Activities is organized in categories. But search is most powerful. Our unique user inteface makes you to fill Fun&Fit during working with SportPlanner Activity MET database.

Activity Log navigation button is used to move record up/down, delete it or add picture,note.

Activity Log Calculators Tools and Details Info: click on Calculator icon

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