SportScouting® 7 Basketball Players - Basketball Game Scouting

This is special version made for Basketball Game Scouting, only. How team and player score pts, from where, from which play, shot action and pts types, left side or right side of drive, dribble, pivot, up & under, lay up, jump shot, tap in, cut, free throw, Pick & Roll, Fast Break, Defense type and points not related to any play or fast break. All that from one or multiple games as web page reports which are easy to share by email or web.

SportScouting Basketball Players for Basketball Game Scouting Screen

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SportScouting Basketball Players Features

Basketball Game Scouting Task

How we made time consuming scouting task to be easy?

If you need video scouting then read more about SportScouting to get easy to watch tagged video clips for players, action, pts, plays where you can draw and sketch on movie during watching and analysis. Most valuable and trusted worldwide.

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Video tutorial

Watch Now, How to scouting basketball players with our software: watch game and press buttons

Watch Now, Get report from scouting of basketball players with our software

Example of Scouting Reports from Basketball Game with all scouting data

All reports are design to present scouting data in clear view on the one page

Player report

How, where and what players do and from which play.

There are two pictures of the court, one to show action and second to show from which play. You need a split of second to get a scouting overview of player and then just take overlook on sorted data in table for details. This report is great help for coach and for your team to clarify opponent player.

Players Report

Team report

All scouting data of basketball team are ready in sorted table view for qiuck overview, easy to read.

Team Report

Play report

It has row with max 4 pictures to describe how play is done. Second row has two pictures of the court, one to show players and their positions and second to show what of action they do. And finally there are table with summary of points types. All those describe play in clear easy to focus view.

Play Report

All Plays report

For each play, It has row with max 4 pictures to describe how play is done. And it has your note on your language to write important note how to defeat them.

All Plays Report

User interface of our software is on any language

User of all our software can use their native language and get report on it.

SportScouting Basketball Players use any your language

SportScouting Basketball Players  gives web report on any your language