The Worldwide most respected and famous, BasketStats works with 90 parameters. It has been designed with input from top gold medals coaches. All parameters are present in easy comparative forms in reports, enabling reader to hold vital information ,all in hand in just one look on report. Powerful reports analyze teams or players in one or more games and easy to export. Multilanguage support for user interface and reports. Competition support: Tournaments (Championships, Olympics), League or Cup. Used by FIBA America and other very satisfied coaches from USA and Europe teams, college, high schools.

basketstats movie player, stats buttons screen, score-board screen

BasketStats Features: BasketStats has movie player(dvd, mpeg, mp4, almost any video) and can be turn off for LIVE stats, Stats buttons screen to make stats with many auto entries, score-board screen. Reports are html web pages and from current game or from more games( Top 10, player, team). BasketStats has following features and reports data:



Lineups combination


Statistics of Referees decisions

General Stats information

Types of Points

Automatic data entry

Only two clicks of mouse are necessary for each action on the court and all the rest
is done automatically by BasketStats.

Reports of Basketball Statistics Analysis

Web page reports. Easy to get PDF.

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BasketStats Easy user interface

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